o.O( the morgue )O.o

god i love the interwebs. i'm glad theres a way to carve our own little homes into it :-)
glad you're here! this site is a little hobby of mine, being remade about... 5? times (a couple under a different URL) this specific version started on
i think making stuff is pretty cool, this site will likely be under construction ...until i get tired of it.

blurb about me:
jack is an entity, they aren't real, but brought to this world on june 24th 2004, he roams the halls of high school. a disgusting infp type. socially awkward, adhd fidgeting, easily distracted, and a total wreck with a cat ironically named after himself (no, he didnt get to choose the cats name). currently drowning in a sea of shows and mental illness, this is a collection of their thoughts and interests. indulge at your own risk <3

to do:

handmade by jack 2020-∞