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i found anime in 6th grade... well technically before that, since i'd watched DBZ and pokemon beforehand. but i never really started loving anime until i was 12. the first anime i'd ever really been interested/remember fondly is attack on titan. i remember seeing it on toonami while staying at my grandmothers house. i was hooked, first starting with the dub. i was up until 3AM until my grandma made me go to bed, lol. afterwards i moved to subs, and yes i am a subbed>dubbed person. i think it was about 8/9th grade when i fell out of liking anime because of embarrasment, it felt weird to like it since everyone was... hating on it(?). but then 10th grade swung around, anime swung back around, so did manga. it helped me feel a little less lonely in a new school full of new people. and now i'm back in the game full swing ^__^;
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